Vehicle Depreciation Claim Petition From Insurance Company




Deputy :









Dear Interlocutor,

2017 Tofas-Fiat Linea Urban 1.3 Multi-Jet 95 HP vehicle with X engine number and X chassis number. X Cad. as a result of the collision of the car with the license plate X with the owner x and the driver x insured by the company with the policy number x, the car with the license plate X with the owner x and the driver x with the license plate X with the customer’s vehicle with the above information written was damaged. Accident detection minutes related to this are in Additional-1

After the accident, the repair and repair of the car belonging to the client was carried out, and the expert report was issued on the date of X by the expert named X of Company X in relation to this repair and repair ( Additional-2 ). Again, pictures of the moment and after the accident are available in this expert report.

The car belonging to the client was devalued due to this accident and could not be used during his stay in service. For this reason, the client has an obligation to apply to remedy the damage suffered by the company.

In accordance with the established case law of the Supreme Court, you must pay as the insurer of the vehicle with license plate number x, which is completely defective in the accident, for the loss of value caused by the accident on the vehicle belonging to the client. In accordance with the general conditions of compulsory financial liability insurance, the insurer shall be entitled to 3.he is jointly and severally liable for material and physical damages caused to persons, provided that they remain within the limits of the guarantee. Accordingly, since the loss of value incurred as a result of an accident in the car belonging to the client also constitutes an item of economic material damage, this damage must be directly compensated by the insurance company. Again the same act 1429. According to the article, the insurer is obliged to compensate for damages caused by the negligence of the insured, the insured, the beneficiary and the persons to whom they are legally responsible for their actions, if there is no contract to the contrary.

As a result of the accident, the vehicle belonging to the surrogate client has lost the value of the vehicle in US $ 10,000, and we request that the relevant amount be deposited in the account number x bank X branch TRx IBAN on behalf of the client, based on my powers contained in the power of attorney.

Result and demand

For the reasons described above;

100% of your insured due to the defect of the surrogate client’s vehicle caused by the loss of value of the vehicle 10.000 TL financial compensation for excess rights with the registration to be reserved X Bank X branch TRx IBAN account
We supply and demand Bilvekale. …/…/…

The Requesting Attorney








1 -) Accident Detection Minutes.

2 -) expert report dated x.

3 -) copies of the license.

4 -) power of Attorney.

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